How long have you been in business ?
- Vextron began as Kozmic Entertainment in 1999 and has transformed into Vextron Network over the years .

May I pay for a service in Advance ?
- Yes you may pay up to two months in advance.

Do you offer Financing or Payment Plans ?
-" usually case by case " Payment plans for Monthly Service charges and/or work order charges will not be granted.

Are your services nationwide ?
-Currently Vextron is primarily serving the dallas/ftworth
area only. Although this rule can sometimes be broken if the price is right.

What happens to my account If I miss a payment ?
-If you are unable to pay for your services vextron will apply a late fee to the account. Some accounts may be placed on hold " by approval only " , if needed.

How often are your sites updated?
-Vextron likes to update its sites to our database each month.
Check back to each site for updates !

Are you licensed to do business ?
-Yes Vextron is licensed with the State Of Texas.
What If I am displeased with the finished product ?
-Vextron will work with the client to make sure the finished product suites what the client was looking for. Usually Three Changes may be made to a site or an advertisment prior to completion. " this is normal"   Although if  this is abused in any way, an account may be closed without warning.

Are your Sites Virus Free and Secure ?
-Yes all vextron sites are tested to be safe for all viewers.

What can't be added to a website ?
-Vextron will not add Pornography,  Excessive profanity, Displays of Drug use or links to adult related websites.

Can my area on the site be shut down ?
- If your area is shut down by the hosting provider it may not be re-opened or re-created. The Client will be informed and given options to continue services or the account will be closed.
Vexton reserves the right to shut down any area at any time to protect the company and its assets.

Can I take my vextron account with me if I decide to cancell service ?
- No Vextron owns all created services used to create your  services. In some cases a transfer of liability may take place if the account is approved to be eligible.

How long does Vextron plan on staying in business ?
-Vextron has been in business for 13 years and plans to continue service for many more.

Are your prices reasonable ?
Vextron prices its services by the amount of time and effort put into each work order and the amount of work it will take to maintain the services for the client. All customers are treated equally.
2012  Vextron Network