Vextron Network : Service procedure and Terms of Service Outline
Services Procedure :
Vextron Network provides clients with online advertising, marketing and promoting. Clients may request additional services in work orders. All work orders must be approved and confirmed prior to work being performed. Clients must agree to these terms and conditions prior to completion of any work order.
Clients may ask a vextron agent to explain these terms.

Vextron services are not limited to what our customers expect. Services may be limited by the company depending on current work loads and/or system tools needed to complete a particular work order.

Many services offered may require additions in which updated information must be provided to complete the work order. In most cases follow up appointmets will cover all needed information to complete work orders.

Our Clients are given an estimated completion date " ECD ". If the ECD happens to change or gets postponed the client will be contacted prior to current ECD date. If any client is displeased with an ECD, that work order may be cancelled at the time the ECD is given.

Any customer may cancel a work order prior to the work order confirmation.

Clients will recieve confirmation for work orders, signature is required for all work orders to begin.

Clients will be given a breakdown of all services to be performed. Clients must understand services being
worked and ask any questions prior to final work order confirmation.  Final payments for work orders will be made on or before final confirmation. Late fee of $9.99 per day will apply for non-payments not to exceed 7 business days. After 7th business day non-paid work orders will close. Re-creation fee of $49.99 will be applied for non-paid work orders that need to be re-opened for the client.
New Client Registration fees :
Vextron Network requires a $29.99 Registration fee.
( This fee is mandatory and is needed to register the client and prepare the account.  ) This is a one time fee in most cases unless an account is closed and then re-opened. New Client Registration Fees are non-negotiable.

Work Order Admin Fees:
Vextron Network requires a $49.99 admin fee to be paid for all work orders.
( These admin fees cannot be refunded and are mandatory for all clients. This fee allows Vextron to begin your work order and protects our company from completing work that is ever unpaid. ) Admin Fees are non-negotiable.

Late Fees :
Vextron Network may charge a late fee of $9.99 per day in most cases for unpaid work orders.
( Late fees will not exceed 7 business days, on the 7th business day the work order will close and the account will be closed also. Account must be re-opened to complete any new work order.  Late Fees are non-negotiable.
Privacy :
Vextron Network may provide digital examples of work we have done. Vextron Network keeps its clients personal account information private.
Payments  / Pricing :
Vextron Network will inform the client prior to final confirmation of what type of payment may be accepted. Cash and money order payments will always be accepted. Debit, Credit and Check transactions may not always be available.
Pricing rates may change, clients will be notified prior to any increase in rates.
Level Of Service :
Vextron Network may refuse services to any client at any time.Vextron may cancell any work order ( advertisment, service etc. ) . Clients are paying for Vextron services ; Advertisments / Marketing, Promotions and other Digital Designs.

Service requests and work orders will be reviewed and approved on a case by case situation.
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